June 24, 2016

Crooked Hillary CC'ed Muslim Brotherhood Benghazi Lie

I guess Her Royal Clintoness just wanted the Muslim Brotherhood to know she Secretary of State of the US had picked up their lead lie and was running with it.

The ‘smoking gun’ email that reveals who instructed Susan Rice to blame the Benghazi attack on a video also exposes a recipient named Mehdi K. Alhassani. Alhassani was the leader of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), a Muslim Brotherhood front group and attended the sister mosque of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) mosque attended by the Boston Marathon bombers. It is a mystery how Alhassani slipped through the cracks to become a Special Assistant to the Office of the Chief of Staff, National Security Council Staff, and Executive Office of the President. It is unknown why a few hours before the Benghazi attack, Alhassani met in the White House with Samir Mayekar, a George Soros ‘fellow’ for an unscheduled visit.

She literally fed our ambassador to the dogs, then used a lie she knew the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt had concocted.

Maybe she did it on orders from Obama, but as secretary of state its her duty to report the President when he commits treason, not join in.

Hat Tip: @DRW20.

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Attn Twitter User بو عثمان @DriftOne148


Nice to meet you, though I didn't do a screen shot today.


But you're STILL are mah bitch.

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Sandcrawler PSA: The Sky is Not Falling

I'm reading a lot of panic and speculation about the UK's vote.

Believe it or not there was a time not that long ago when the UK was not in the EU, 1973 they voted to enter and 1975 when they did, but it was not till 1987 that the free movement and trade was instituted. The EU as we know it was formed in 1997 and the Euro not put out till 2002.

As you may recall the "expectation" was the world economy would take off like a rocket. But in reality it was kind of a fizzle. Inertia you know, things just stayed the same and a bunch of EU bureaucrats stood around and looked pretty. That was it.

Prior to that the UK had most favorable nation trade status with the US and everyone in the EU, Hell the UK has most favored nation trade status with pretty much everyone.

So like things worked then, probably better than now. Emigration existed but was a bit more controlled. Now its possible the French might have to show their passport at the tunnel and go home after a few weeks.

Uk companies will be free from EU regulation, but subject to UK which is pretty strict.

That is about it folks.

I actually also expected the vote would go the other way. I think its good in the long run, even the short if folks keep their cool.

I'll let you know when to panic. I swear,

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Its Not Just Crooked Hillary's Lies Its The Cover-up

Hillary disguised donor meetings while at State Dept.

The Associated Press, which obtained Clinton's State Department schedules through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit dating back to last year, discovered dozens of instances in which Clinton's staff listed dinners with donors and gatherings with corporate executives only as "private meetings" in the calendars.

Clinton has already come under fire for allowing political donors access to her at the State Department, fueling speculation that well-connected companies or nonprofits got preferential treatment from the nation's chief diplomat.

So basically instead of doing her job, she was raising money on the taxpayers time.

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June 23, 2016

Brexit Results

Leave was ahead there, then stay, now leave is up.

BBC results page here.

Update 06/23/16 10:48 cdt: The BBC predicts the outcome is that the UK will leave the EU.

Update II 06/24 at 07:32 cdt: Its official the UK will exit the EU and also David Cameron announced he will step down.

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25 Injured in Attack on Theater in Germany

I've look around a bit, the shooter is confirmed dead, killed by German police.

I can find nothing as of yet on his identity or motive.

NY Post: A gunman opened fire​ inside a German cinema complex on Thursday​, wounding as many as 25 people before he was shot dead, according to reports.​

The mass shooting ​occurred ​at the Kinopolis theater in Viernheim, near Frankfurt.

According to Haaretz, the man stormed the theater around 3 p.m. with a gun and ammunition belt, injuring between 20 and 50 people before barricading himself inside.

After surrounding the theater, police killed the shooter, local media reported.

Later reports indicate no one was injured other than the armed person.
The armed man entered the Kinopolis movie theater in the town of Viernheim in the early afternoon and apparently fired his weapon. The man held several hostages, police spokeswoman Christiane Kobus said, but she didn't have a precise number.

Officers "successively entered the cinema and were able to locate the man and the people he was holding," Kobus said. "There was a threat situation and the man was then shot dead."

...Another police spokesman, Bernd Hochstaedter, said that "there are no indications at present of an Islamist background." Nina Reininger, a prosecutor in nearby Darmstadt, said her office was investigating but she has no information so far on the attacker's identity.

Hesse state's interior minister, Peter Beuth told the regional legislature in Wiesbaden that the man was masked and that apparently four shots were fired.

Beuth also said the man had given a confused impression, news agency dpa reported.

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Hacker Leaks The Inner Workings of Crooked Hillary

The ins and outs of how foreign and domestic oligarchs trade in American politics.

A Swiss billionaire and seven-figure Clinton Foundation donor is pouring millions of dollars into a nonprofit voter registration and turnout operation and appears to have shared information about the project with the Democratic Party, a leaked document reveals.

Hansjörg Wyss is accelerating a $100 million registration and get-out-the-vote plan in order to more quickly impact elections and the U.S. policy landscape, according to a document detailing the proposed work by his charitable group, the Wyss Foundation.

The document details the scope of Democratic efforts to boost grassroots organizing, and sheds light on how some of the left’s deepest pockets are facilitating those efforts through nonprofit vehicles generally restricted to charitable activity.

...In addition to political campaigns, Wyss has generously supported the Clinton Foundation. The foundation’s website states the Wyss Charitable Endowment has given it between $1 million and $5 million.

Wyss’ now-defunct HJW Foundation previously employed Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, who received $87,083 from the group in 2013 for consulting services.

Whoch goes to show you how the Democratic Grass Roots are really Astroturf laid down with big money.

Filed under: Her Royal Clintoness.

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June 22, 2016

Acts17Apologetics Scores The Highly Coveted I Will A$$rape Your Mother Fatwa

So jealous.

But I think the translation is wrong, it should be

{omitted} you {omitted} and yes your mom is a good {omitted} sucker you {omitted} {omitted}...if you were in front of me... i would {omitted} your mom {omitted}
There glad we cleared that up. We wouldn't want people to misinterpret this message of peace and understanding between the Christian and Islamic communities.

Hat tip: 1389.

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Trump's Hillary Speech

Here we go.

OK, I'm going to have to bite the bullet, the best qualified candidate we have for President is Donald Trump.

Hillary has all the right connections, wink wink nod nod, but Bill can't carry her anymore. This is demonstrated as Secretary of State, maybe it was her boss somewhat. I don't know. But part of her job is to convince her boss when he's being a dumb-ass.

So I'm going to run more Trump stuff now and then, what's the saying better to go out in a blaze of glory, or some sh*t like that.

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Feel Good Story of the Day: CAIR Will Stand Trial for Providing Fraudulent Legal Council

Obviously CARENational are jury-o-phobes.

Jihad Watch: The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit today unanimously reversed a trial court’s ruling dismissing a fraud case brought against the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The result of the appellate court’s ruling is that CAIR National, operating out of the District of Columbia, must stand trial and allow a jury to hear all of the evidence of the massive fraud and attempted cover up carried out by CAIR and perpetrated against hundreds of CAIR fraud victims.

...The pending lawsuits allege that Morris Days, the “Resident Attorney” and “Manager for Civil Rights” at the now defunct CAIR-MD/VA chapter in Herndon, Virginia, was in fact not an attorney and that he failed to provide legal services for clients who came to CAIR for legal representation. As alleged, CAIR knew of this fraud and purposefully conspired with Days to keep the CAIR clients from discovering that their legal matters were being mishandled or not handled at all. Furthermore, the complaints allege that according to CAIR internal documents, there were hundreds of victims of the CAIR fraud scheme.

Now watch as CAIR claims every Kuffar Juror is an Islam-o-phobe and demands an all Muslim Jury.

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June 21, 2016

FBI Moves Against Indianapolis Terrorist

BROWNSBURG, Ind. – FBI agents raided the home of a Brownsburg man Tuesday accused of attempting to provide aid to the Islamic State.

The raid was conducted at the residence of 18-year-old Akram Musleh at the Brownsburg Pointe Apartments.

According to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday, Musleh is a U.S.-born citizen who attended Brownsburg High School.

Full complaint here at WTHR.

Hat Tip: Scoop Nest.

Update: His Youtube channel is here.

His Twitter is here.

Irony: He is also a fan of Barack Obama.


Also, he hates homos, like Vinnie.


And you know, f*ck da police.


He also really digs this bin-Laden video.

He is also a fan of moderate Isalmist Yousef Estes.


If you don't already know Yousef Estes.


Another of his favorites.

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Totally Banning ISIS Images and Videos Bad Idea

Today you may have read stories about ISIS videos and images and tools to "taske them down."

AllahPundit: The Counter Extremism Project (CEP), described as a “nonpartisan policy group” in their promotional literature, thinks they have the solution. They’re developing web based tools which purport to seek out and allow the removal of any terrorist related images, videos and other content which might be used as recruiting tools for Islamist terror groups. If you’re already feeling a chill wind blowing from that brief description you’re not alone, but the White House seems to be all too ready to get onboard. (Washington Post)

When we find the actual terrorists using the web as a recruiting tool it’s obviously worth considering the option of just shutting them down. Yet even that is a controversial move among intelligence specialists who often use those social media connections as tools to root out the bad guys. But when we veer off into the realm of simply wiping out ISIS images from news sites, blogs or the social media accounts of people concerned about the threat, the discussion has taken a decidedly darker turn.

I have a slightly different take.

The American people were never fully behind defeating terrorism because when these things come out the media never fully shows the public the true evil of what we face, what they actually say, what they mean when they say it and their demands.

The public is served a sanitized and slanted view of these things. Because the government doesn't really consider the American People that much of a part of the decision anymore. I mean what do these hicks know.

So now we come to the pro-bowler analogy, yes long Jawa readers and other subsets of very interested people, some friendly, loyal, some not, some just sick bastards, know what is really in this stuff, we and the Jihadis. And of course the Arab world's cell phone network is a veritable bonanza of Islamic Snuff Porn.

So lets say the gruesome beheading of Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia is just about as famous as the current Pro-Blowing #1 ranked Anthony Simonsen, and yes I had to look him up.

Look years ago this was a much smaller problem, and we did nothing. Oh a few of us tried and we were met with accusations of being Zionist Jews or intolerant bigoted Islamophobes. Whatever, we knew what was in this stuff and knew what could happen. What was happening in the Arab world.

So the call for new tools is just like the call for gun control after Orlando or the call for the Patriot Act. What you are going to find is that there were plenty of lawful ways to stop Omar Mateen, but nothing was done, either because he was an "asset" they didn't want to lose or more likely they are incompetent.

Better at explaining to John Q. Public why its his fault and propose more laws to stop the killing because they didn't use the laws before Orlando or 9/11.

No new law will make any difference, the government will just declare everyone but the Jihadis terrorists and use to their own ends while sweeping Jihad under the rug of religious tolerance.

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil ya know.

Because the truth is all it takes is a team of folks and the search function to stop 90% of Jihadi Online activity, that and the willingness to do it. The "tools" have been there all along.

Still there has to be context, I wish the media did show more of what is really in Jiahdi propaganda to a wider audience, after all they were never sqeamish about showing our dead soldiers in Vietnam when I was a kid, why the utter and total censorship of Islamic Terrorists?

This is so far as loyal Americans and information go.

Obama is in IS propaganda? Why didn't the MSM tell me that?

Now the next step after your search is context, is the context in support of a specially designated terrorist entity. If so the site and its "network" or a social network need to be saved, then removed.

After all its not in a context of support for Muslims nor Islam its in a context for support of a specially designated terrorist entity making unlawful war on the United States.

If a provider refused to take it down, well there are already laws to prosecute them, its just no one does.

That is not to say we should stop or censor all use or distribution of these images and words and videos. There are things I don't publish and things I do. I have to live with that. Those who care to know have to too.

No that is protected First Amendment Speech, I'd feel better if more responsible Americans knew the truth.

Pajamas Medie: ISIS Video Portrays Preparation for Times Square Suicide Bombing

An official media affiliate of the Islamic State released a new video this weekend praising the Orlando attack, calling for similar attacks in multiple languages and portraying a suicide bomber striking Times Square.

Frame From ISIS propaganda
Full video is at Jihadology or here

Titled "You Are Not Held Responsible Except for Yourself," the Al-Furat Media Foundation release was distributed online with a promotional banner featuring President Obama, Omar Mateen and scenes from the previous weekend's carnage.

Using that image or worse is perfectly good reporting of reality.

I'd also feel better if we were owning the terrorists daily.

The truth is we've screwed the pooch on the whole matter. Whatever you do, save go to war and impose peace and order on the ME will fall short. The whole use tools to stop the terrorist online is as big a pile a bullshit as the new gun control debate is.

Terrorist butchery and endless terrorist attacks, weak and half ass responses as far as any eye can see.

As Rusty says, Awesome!

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Good Gun Control: Turd Burglar Edition


A Florida man is recovering in the hospital after breaking into a woman’s home, soiling himself, and getting shot by the homeowner.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office was called to a Ocala, Florida home on Sunday after a break in was reported, according to the Ocala Post. Police said they found Victor Alex Etherington naked, covered in his own feces, and bleeding from a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

LMAO! Dude will never live this down in the joint.

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Trump Encouraged British Alien to Attempt to Murder Him

Hey I'm just picking up on the media narrative that Trump is to blame for all the Democrats outside his rally committing acts of violence. They are only being violent because Trump Trump Trump de Trump.

A Briton who tried to grab a police officer's gun at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas said he wanted to shoot the US candidate, court papers say.

Michael Steven Sandford, 20, did not enter a plea when he appeared before a judge in Nevada and was remanded in custody until a hearing on 5 July.
He is charged with an act of violence in a restricted area.

He had reportedly tried to seize the gun after saying he wanted Mr Trump's autograph at Saturday's rally.

He said he had been planning to try to shoot Mr Trump for about a year but had decided to act now because he finally felt confident enough to do so, court papers say.

Obviously this was an inside job. Wink wink nod nod.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Top Terrorist Forum Offline

The forum known as Shumukh is down. (pronounced shimkuh not schmuck although its full of shmucks)

Either they have lost hosting or the break is intentional. I've seem complaints posted that there have been spies in the forum. Spies? What spies?


Anyway the problem with this is in the past this forum has gone dark in the preparation for a big terrorist release or attack.

So it could be good news as a major distribution point for Jihadi propaganda is offline. Or it could be a bad omen.

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June 20, 2016

Sandcrawler PSA: Islam Has Nothing to do With Islamic Terrorism

See what happens is the Jews send their mind control rays in there against otherwise Peaceful Muslims™ which causes them to think they are Republican Methodists.

Then voices are implanted telling them, "Jesus wants you to sprinkle Gays with gunfire." See how this works?

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Feel Good Story of the Day: Hizb ut-Tahrir Terrorist Dies

A Hizb ut-Tahrir terrorist in Bangladesh has died when he took police to show them the terrorists' hideout.A teenager has died in police custody in Bangladesh just days after he and two others allegedly wounded a mathematics teacher from the country's Hindu minority during an attempt to hack him to death.


Golam Faizullah Fahim, 19, was suspected of being a member of the Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation), an international group which wants to combine all Muslim countries in a unitary Islamic state.The police say he was caught in a crossfire between them and the terrorists.

Sounds good to me, case closed!

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Omar Matteen Phone Call to 911

Obviously Pentecostal.

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Meanwhile in Talibanistan

How's the good war going?

That good huh?

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June 19, 2016

Fatwa This! Painting Muhammad with Bob Ross

I have a bad feeling about this.

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